Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!


Great new prints in CakeSpy's online shop, including the above image!

I'm featured as a Crafty Superstar on Cut Out + Keep!

What it really takes to start your own bakery (or restaurant, etc).

Pumpkin brioche whiskey caramel monkey bread. Try saying that five times fast.

Pisco alfajores!

Caramel cashew clusters.

I'm feelin' it: strawberry ricotta scones.

Do you love the movie Gremlins? You will love this cake.

Who invented Mary Janes, the molasses and peanut butter candies?

YUM: Peach pie!

These are just despicably adorable.

Learn more about Andes Mints than you ever needed to know.

Good life skill: how to make gelatin bows.

A collection of lovely lemon desserts.

My friend Molly wants to open a bakery! Help make her dream come true.

How to make dragees at home!

An article on decorative pie crust