CakeSpy for Craftsy: How to Make Plantains into Dessert

Baked plantains

Think plantains are just for frying?

Think again. They're also for baking with copious amounts of butter and sugar and using as an ice cream topping. Yep. 

I recently wrote an article about How to Cook Plantains for, and I included one recipe that is savory, and one that is sweet. Here's a preview of the sweet part: 

When a plantain becomes very ripe, it becomes sweeter and slightly less starchy, making it perfectly suited for sweet applications. In this recipe, plantain slices are baked in a butter, brown sugar, rum, and spice mixture which caramelizes around the fruit as it bakes, making for a warm, buttery indulgence that may call to mind Bananas Foster, but with a more subtle sweetness.

Like, whoa. Check out the full article and recipe on Craftsy!