Cake Byte: Depressed Cake Shop, Seattle Edition

After a successful round in LA, it's coming your way, Seattle…

Here's the 411 from Melissa Riddington, the organizer of Seattle's Depressed Cake Shop event:

The Depressed Cake Shop – a one day charity event that aims to stomp out the stigma of depression, one grey cake at a time.

The Depressed Cake Shop campaign started in London early August, by Miss Cakehead (Emma Thomas). The concept is simple – make grey cakes and sell grey cakes for one day, in an attempt to raise awareness around depression and mental illness. The campaign’s idea spread quickly around the UK and is now going global, with lots of one-day events taking place around the world.

Why does it always rain on me?

What: The Depressed Cake Shop Seattle

When: Saturday, October 5

Time: 10am-4pm

Where: Sole Repair Shop 1001 East Pike Seattle, WA 98122

Money raised will go to the Seattle’s non-profit organization, NAMI –Greater Seattle (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

More info for interested bakers:

We’re on the lookout for talented bakers, cakers and sugar shakers to donate delicious grey goodies for our event! The only stipulation is that the goodies need to be grey in color (to represent the feelings felt by many suffering from depression), but they can have a pop of color inside the cake (to represent the feeling of hope). Here’s a link to our Depressed Cake Pinterest Board for inspiration on making grey beautiful!

Learn more by "liking" the Depressed Cake Shop Seattle Facebook page.

Find out more about the global Depressed Cake Shop campaign.

Want to bake up a storm for the Depressed Cake Shop Seattle event? Please do get in touch! Melissa Riddington, or phone 206-432-1852.

Stomping out Stigma, One Grey Cake at a Time.