CakeSpy for Craftsy: Homemade Pizza

Pizza party!

I don't want to scare you guys, but I made something savory. I made pizza. 

After all, you've got to eat something to pre-funk before a nice cake sesh, right? 

Nine out of ten people say that they love pizza. The tenth person is almost certainly lying! Joking aside, it’s true that just about everyone loves pizza. Although it is Italian in origin, it has been adopted by and proliferated in a big way in the United States. The classic American pizza pie consists of a flat, open-faced round of bread-type dough topped with tomato sauce and cheese and any number of different toppings. Classic toppings include sausage, pepperoni, and mushrooms; however, in recent years experimental chefs have tried unusual toppings such as Thai peanut sauce, avocado, or even banana slices.

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