Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

I googled "unicorn pie" and found this image from Reading and Chickens.

I love being interviewed!

It is so true: the raisin has ruined the oatmeal cookie!

How to make homemade sprinkles. Awesome!

Want to see the world's largest eclair? Maybe it should be "longest"?

Twinkie trivia--good cocktail party banter.

All the different types of cooking pans: a guide.

Have cottage laws gone too far?

Secrets to making fondant taste...well, better at least.

Caramel apple crisp with oatmeal. Nom.

Whaaaa? Red velvet oatmeal???

That's more like it: red velvet cake shake.

Coconut pecan chocolate pie. I want it!

Because Valentine's day isn't too far away: chocolate covered chocolates!

Make me a fondant unicorn, please.

And as always, a reminder: my first book is still great. Buy it.