CakeSpy's Recent Craftsy Posts

I've done a bunch of truly awesome posts for Craftsy lately. Take a moment and check some of them out! You might just learn something.

Take a tour of the color wheel with this post on color theory. It includes the basics, which will inform your color choices for creating art. It's fun to see how there is a science behind it all!

I realize that chicken is not sweet, but this recipe for pan-fried chicken legs is the stuff of sunday supper dreams. 

Totally brilliant: a recipe for homemade nougat.

Sandwich bread. This is the best recipe, hands down. Do it! 

If you want to make that bread with whole grains, here are some tips for working with whole grains in bread-making.

Creative ways to ice a cake with a palette knife. Artful and sweet!

Curious about how to make a homemade artisan pizza? I've got you covered. I love this recipe and hope you will, too!

Make your maple syrup swoon with these pancakes stuffed with bacon!