Olive You: Lemon Pistachio Tuiles With Olive Oil

These might just be the most dignified cookies I've ever made: lemon pistachio tuiles with olive oil. 

Before the cookies, though, let me explain a bit about my experience baking with olive oil.

I made these cookies for what is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies to work for: Colavita. I've long purchased their olive oil, because I think you get a pretty good bang for your buck--they have a very good flavor but won't break the bank. I am a big fan of olive oil on bread or salads. When olive oil is drizzled over a pizza before serving...well, let me just tell you, that is my happy place.


I'm a little newer to baking with olive oil, but the more I do it, the more I love it. It gives cakes an intriguing texture, and a flavor that is something different entirely than a butter cake. I'm not saying I'm abandoning butter--that is never going to happen. But I am saying that if you want a totally new taste experience, try pound cake made with olive oil. Seriously. 


So, back to the cookies. 

First things first: how do you say the name of this cookie? Tuile rhymes with “wheel”, and ideally should be uttered in your Frenchiest accent. “Tuile” comes from the French word for “tile”; allegedly, the cookies’ resemblance to a particular type of roof tile are said to have inspired the name. While that particular connection may be a bit tenuous, the cookies are a sophisticated delight, lightly crunchy and bursting with flavor.

I made these with Colavita’s Limonolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which contains fresh lemon, and makes these cookies practically sing with zingy flavor. These crunchy cookies aren't just lemon-flavored, though: that zippiness is rounded out with lightly salty, rich pistachios. For a simple presentation, dust them with confectioners’ sugar, or if you’re in the mood to gild the lily, dip or drizzle your “tuiles” in decadent Perugina chocolate.


See the full recipe and tutorial.