Sweet Art: Latte Love

Salvador dali latte art via Pinterest

Ever since my time in Bali, I have been obsessed with lattes. Well, mostly about the possibility of receiving a cookie with my latte.

But this love has expanded to an interest in latte art. So after a little pinterest and image search binge, I have come up with some wonderful images of fine art inspired lattes which I thought might inspire, and possibly make you smile as I did when I found them. (Click on each image to go to its source.)

The only thing wrong with these lattes is that there appears to be no cookie alongside any of them. Well, there's always room for improvement, ey?

Salvador Dali Latte (pictured top)

I love this quirky and clever interpretation of Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory. A foam clock perilously perched on the edge is sweetly surreal.

Van Gogh latte

Starry night via Deviant Art

The swoops and whirls of the classic impressionist painting Starry Night are perfectly translated into lovely latte form. I'm especially impressed by the levels of depth which are attained with just a few shades of milk and coffee. 

Edward Munch

The Scream Latte art via Global Gallery

This latte makes me want to scream, but not out of alarm. I'm overcome with the awesome artistic ability that went into creating this perfectly rendered latte which beautifully captures and plays homage to the original painting.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring Latte Art via Messynessychic.com

I'll finish with my personal favorite. Keith Haring is one of my artistic heroes, and has been ever since I saw a sped-up video of him painting a mural. His absolute focus and oneness with the art completely awed me, and it's an escape I have been able to find in my art, too. This latte brings his lively line art to life in some lovingly rendered foam. 

Hey, do you have any fine art lattes to add to this collection? Send 'em my way! Til next time... Thanks a Latte, You Mocha My Day