Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!


Take a quill pill: Awesome quilled cakes.

Wine tourism. (Wine sorbet included)

A fun retro recipe: fruit cocktail cake.

NYC style rainbow Italian cookies. So sweet. So good.

What do Cubans eat for dessert? Find out some favorites here.

Tips for adding emotion to your illustrations. I'm proud of this one!

Chocolate buttermilk biscuits. Brunch just got better.

Homemade Oreos. I'm OK with this.

Mojito cheesecake. Hook me up with this stuff!

Am I the only one thinking of Halloween candy and what I'll do with it already?

Did you miss my extremely opinionated essay on what is and is not crumb cake?

This is crumb cake, btw.

Book of the week: SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist. I love this girl because she bakes, is artistic, and owns a pug. Sound familiar? Oddly, our styles are quite different in spite of the fact that we sound like twins. I'm glad: she is absolutely amazing, and if I didn't love her work so much I would be jealous.