Immaculately Delicious: Immaculate Baking Company Mixes

Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

Not so very long ago, Immaculate Baking Company contacted me and asked if I would like to try some samples of their new, fairly virtuous cake mixes. Sure, I said. I love cake mix, it's true.

I was surprised when not long later, a huge box arrived. There was a lot of mix coming my way, I could plainly see.

Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test


Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

And flour, too!

Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

Well, I figured I'd best get to baking to see what these cookies were all about. I got mildly bummed out by this: Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

Because truthfully...

But anyhow, I decided to start with cookies. Chocolate cookies, and they were gluten-free to boot. I don't know about you, but I actually get super excited about gluten free chocolate stuff. That means there's less "texture" getting in the way of my chocolate experience. 

So, I added the requisite ingredients (oil, eggs, etc).

Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

I mixed it all, and a nice dough formed. Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

I lined a baking sheet and set it up with rounds of dough. Aren't they beautiful?Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

For no particular reason, I added almonds on top of some of them. Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

I baked 'em up and here's how they looked.Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

The cookies were VERY soft after baking and tough to transfer until a few minutes had passed, but after 30 minutes on a wire rack, they had solidified and were ready to eat. Immaculate Baking Cookie Mix test

The gluten-free chocolate cookies came out very nicely. I loved how they became crispy on the edges but still retained a chewiness on the interior. The taste was assertively but not aggressively chocolate, which made it a nice cookie to combine with other dessert-stuffs: for instance, perfect bookends for an ice cream sandwich. I found that for stand-alone eating the cookies were a nice base, but benefitted from bonus additions: the almonds, and a sprinkling of sea salt, really made them come to life. But I should tell you: I'm a salt freak. It's true:

I also tried out the pancake mix as I was developing a recipe for bacon-filled pancakes, and I can't share that one yet, but I can tell you the mix was really quite good. 

Bacon pancakes

I say that Immaculate Baking Company's mixes are well worth a try--I can't wait to try out the cake mix to make Gooey butter cake!

Check 'em out: Immaculate Baking Company.