Baking For Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start planning for the big day. There are plenty of Christmas guides on how to decorate the house, find the right Christmas lights or find the perfect gift, but there’s very little advice on the best, festive desserts. For some inspiration, here’s a selection of some of the best (and cutest!) cakes inspired by Christmas.


Jamaican port and rum fruitcake

A holiday staple on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, this fruitcake is easy to bake, totally boozy and super moist. Soak the fruits in port and rum for at least 24 hours or as long as two weeks before you add them to the cake mixture. You don’t need any icing. The rich taste is best enjoyed on its own or with a glass of festive rum punch.

Yule log

Photo licensed via Flickr member Aaron Jacobs

It wouldn’t be Christmas without one of the all-time favorites — a chocolate yule log. This European classic that originates from France was never going to be a secret for long. Rolled-up sponge cake holds a decadent layer of butter-cream filling and is lathered with chocolate frosting. You can lay the finishing festive touch to it with a sprinkling of icing sugar for a snowy effect.

Christmas fruitcake

Make this traditional fruit cake using chopped mixed nuts, dried fruits and a touch of ground cinnamon. Always make well in advance, as the cake’s flavor matures over time. Pierce holes all over the cake using a cocktail stick and pour a couple of tablespoons of brandy each week. Keep in a cool, dry place and it should stay fresh for up to four months. It’s so tasty, the chances are it won’t last that long!

Figgy pudding

A quintessentially English dessert, figgy pudding dates all the way back to the 16thcentury. Still just as popular 400 years later, this pudding will always remain a crowd pleaser. Combine figs, raising and nuts with flower, sugar and lots of butter. The mixture can either be boiled, steamed or fried. Once cooled, top with some hard frosting or sprinkle some brandy with powdered sugar.

Whiskey soaked cake

The ultimate fruit cake usually involves a generous helping of whiskey. Infuse a selection of your favorite dried fruits from apricots to figs and raisins. Glace cherries also work well and be sure to treat the batter with a generous dollop of orange marmalade. Finish the boozy masterpiece by layering over marzipan. You now have a white canvas to decorate as you wish.

Red velvet roulade

This show stopping centerpiece is the ideal alternative to the traditional Christmas dessert. Red velvet cake is wrapped around a cream cheese frosting for a melt in your mouth texture. Finish with white chocolate curls and a sprinkling of edible gold glitter.

Bake some of these sweet treats and you’re guaranteed to impress family and friends this Christmas.