What Happens When You Still Have Leftover Pie after Thanksgiving?

What if it's Wednesday now, and you still have leftover pie from Thanksgiving? Well, it is probably sort of stale, but that doesn't mean it has to go to waste, because it will still be delicious if you make it into a milkshake.

What happens when you put your leftover pie into a milkshake?

I won't keep you in suspense: very, very, very delicious things happen when you have leftover pie and you make the decision to transform it into a shake. 

A pie shake is pretty much the best way ever to revive slightly stale pie. Blending it to delicious oblivion in a sea of ice cream makes it an extra-special treat, and as a bonus, people who haven't seen you make it but only see you drinking something blended will probably believe that you're drinking a smoothie. Joke's on them!

Realistically, I realize that it's unlikely at this point that you still have pie left over from Thanksgiving. But pies and treats are around the rest of the season, and in plentitude, so I really want you to have this option.

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