15 Awesome Punk Rock Cakes

If you consult the dictionary, punk rock is "a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s". But it was so much more: a way of life, breaking free of the shackles of establishment and societal norms. And it came with some very assertive fashion. I remember being a child of the 80s and thinking the studs, Doc Martens boots, and plaid with zippers all over was sort of scary, but also very cool.

These fifteen awesome punk rock cakes reflect the creativity, fashion, and assertive, unapologetic nature of punk rock. The aesthetic is sometimes far from sweet, but they're all sweet to eat. 

Punk rock! This cake definitely shows a punk rock edge, with a skull and crossbone flag, green flames, and an edgy punk rocker on the top tier. But the piece de resistance? The mohawk topper, which is cleverly configured from black licorice. Cake by Pastry Chef Jodi (no website). 

An Australian bakery made this adorable Lego punk rocker cake for a kid's birthday, but I'd accept this mohawked morsel at any age! Via Sweet Eats

The Clash is immortalized in sweet form in this cake, which features a realistic rendering of what is arguably their most famous album. Via Sylvie's Cake Creations

I love this birthday cake that I found on Photobucket, and think that Olaf, whoever he is, is a lucky fellow. It features the Ramones' logo, with a delicate buttercream piped border. It manages to be cool and cute at the same time. Via Photobucket member hwilkes501.

This cake cleverly adapts a Sex Pistols album cover to be birthday (and kid!) friendly. Via Karli's Cakes.

Here's another variation on the Sex Pistols cake, for someone turning the same age! Via Once Upon a Cake. 

This cake is anti-establishment at its most delicious. Combat boots, beer, and the punk rock battle call of "oi!" adorn the cake, which manages to be adorable in spite of its subject matter. Via Pinterest member Cindy Cortez.

Punk rawk! Many of the classic punk bands are reflected in these delicately decorated cupcakes, but my favorite part is the cupcakes with the hearts which are nestled between punk bands. But...what's with the Pink Floyd? I definitely felt that didn't quite fit in with the others!

Anarchy! Sweet anarchy! This cupcake captures a punk rock mentality with definite sweetness. Photo via Bleeding Heart Bakery, from a post by Cupcakes Take the Cake.

While I'm not sure where this image came from, I love the cake. The industrial Union Jack, formed from studs! The spiky ribbons around the bottom of alternate layers! The leather jacket-look of the crisscrossed layers! This cake is punk, but with panache. 

How fun is this punk rock fashion inspired cake? It's got it all: a mohawk topper, plaid with buckles and zippers, a moto jacket-inspired bottom layer, and even a lining around the edges of Doc Martens boots. Via Party Animals Online.

The best way (ever) to make your teeth go rotten? With a Johnny Rotten caramel crunch cake, featuring a chocolate transfer with the famous punk rocker's visage. Via Flickr member Straight Outta Chocolate.

Chains form the bottom border on this DIY themed cake, which features punk plaid, anarchy symbols, and safety pins to form a punk themed, but very pretty, cake. Via Pinterest member Jessica Mooney

In Arizona, a bakery called Cup n'cake  dreamed up this glam yet punk-themed wedding cake. A classy octagonal base is stacked with round layers, all coated in black fondant, and decked out with metallic studs. The sophisticated layout and white flower make it wedding-appropriate. Via Cup n'cake

I'm not sure exactly why a duck with a mohawk is hilarious, but it is. This cake, by an Albuquerque bakery, features a punk rock baby toy. Via ABC Cake Shop.

Which is your favorite punk rock cake?