CakeSpy Loves: Mr. Nelson's Cookies

I officially love Mr. Nelson's Cookies. They wooed me and it worked, because I am a fan for life. Let me tell you the whole story, OK? 

So, a week or two ago I received an e-mail from the company founder's (um, that would be Mr. Nelson) son, who said that he really, really thought that I should try these cookies and that he could arrange a sample.

What is it they say about accepting treats from strangers? Never mind that. I said yes! Please send me cookies.

When they arrived, they came in a large priority box. The cookie box was nearly the same size, and as I pulled it out, I was greeted with a personal note...on blind embossed, thick card stock stationery. As someone who has worked at two different stationery companies, I was already pretty impressed.

And I've never felt so proud to have cookies. They gave me an official congratulations, printed on hefty card stock. Sweet!

Now...back to the box. It was really most impressive. To give you an idea of scale, I have placed it among my unicorn collection. 

The box even had a batch number. I have never had a batch of cookies where I KNEW the batch number. 

Well, I should have been prepared. Even their website has the quote "I couldn't take my eyes off of the packaging until I bit into the cookie." I was so there. 

Well, OK. It was time to open it up. An inner cavity slid out of the box, like a dresser drawer. Inside were cookies. 

These cookies had some serious heft: one could easily fill your hand. I loved the size, which was large enough to feel naughty but not stupidly huge (I really don't like huge chocolate chip cookies, but hefty, thick ones are fine). And I checked - the cookies weigh close to 1/4 pound each. Ohhh yeaaaah. case my photos have not given you the idea, here's a picture courtesy Mr. Nelson's Cookies of the whole package, which is quite accurate to how it looked when I opened it:

Was it all pomp and circumstance, fancy packaging to mask just any cookies? 

No, my friends. These cookies are the REAL DEAL. I don't know if I've ever had a commercial cookie that had ever matched my ideals for the dream cookie like these. 

In the center, they're soft--almost dough-like. But they hold their form, and have edges that are just this side of crispy. On the whole I would say it's a soft cookie, but it wasn't a wimpy cookie.

And the flavor. Vanilla-kissed. Chocolate. Brown sugar dough. Everything a good chocolate chip cookie should be, all executed excellently. In spite of the packaging, these cookies aren't especially showy, but they are very, very good. They are the most impressive cookies I have had in quite some time, and I am exposed to more cookies than the average person, if I do say so myself. 


Also interesting is Mr. Nelson's story. He is a real person--and formally trained as a chef. According to the website,

Mr. Nelson is a “one-man-show” as he personally makes, bakes, wraps and packages only 24 dozen perfect chocolate chip cookies a day, four days a week. Oh, and given he only makes one type of cookie, Chocolate Chip, (and nothing else!) you could also say he is a “one-trick-pony”; however, please know, it is a very “tasty” trick!

Photo via Mr. Nelson's Cookies

Photo via Mr. Nelson's Cookies

I love that this man has focused so closely on perfecting the chocolate chip cookie. I am sure that he could do more, but there is something really beautiful about paying so much attention to every detail, from chip dispersement to packaging. I really, really appreciate the whole package. 

Check out Mr. Nelson's Cookies here.