Birthday Cake Biscuits

If you've ever found yourself feeling like there was something missing from your life, I have the answer. Birthday cake biscuits. That is what has been missing. 

Birthday cake biscuits. Isn't that just the most delightful string of words you've heard all day? 

The idea came to me simply: I had some leftover pink buttercream because my BIRTHDAY was the other day, and I was making biscuits for an upcoming King Arthur Flour "Build a Better Biscuit" baking experiment.

I thought to myself "what if I made a shortcake, but instead of strawberries and whipped cream like the rest of the jerks in the world, I used frosting and sprinkles?".

Well, I knew a good idea when it hit me and I hastened to make it happen. 

To everyone who thinks that shortcake with strawberries is the end-all biscuit dessert, please open your eyes already. I AM OFFERING YOU CARBS AND FROSTING HERE. 

Every bite was better than the last. The creamy buttercream was perfect for keeping the biscuits moist, and imparted a sweet flavor complement that was something like the experience of eating a well-made scone with an awesome glaze, but much better. 

Do yourself a favor and make some birthday cake biscuits.

Birthday cake biscuits

Makes 5 cakes

Grab a biscuit, and spread buttercream on the top.

Roll the sides in sprinkles. Add a second biscuit on top. 

Oh heck, let's add more buttercream.

And more sprinkles on top. Repeat with the remaining biscuits. Put a candle on top and wish yourself a happy early or late birthday. Smile.