January 16: National Fig Newton Day

Aaaaand a happy National Fig Newton Day to you! 

Now, there are plenty of ways you could choose to celebrate this hallowed day. Most obvious, perhaps, would be buying some Fig Newtons and eating them. That's an idea.

Or, you could cover them in chocolate and put them on sticks!

I created this tutorial for Serious Eats a few years ago and quite frankly, it still delights me. Maybe it will delight you, too.

Recipe here. 

If you prefer to explore Fig Newtons in greater depth, read on:

Five links of interest for Fig Newton Day:

An interesting look at the Fig Newton's history. (Eatocracy)

Homemade Fig Newtons. Healthy-ish. (My Whole Food Life)

Fig Newton cupcakes. Also healthy-ish. (Amy's Healthy Baking)

Fig Newton coffee cake. (Just a Pinch)

Caramelized fig and Fig Newton ice cream. WOW. (Sprinkled Side Up)

Do you like Fig Newtons?