January 18: National Peking Duck Day, and a Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

Did you know that January 18 is National Peking Duck Day? I'm going to be honest: I will not be celebrating this holiday. Not with duck, anyway. Although if you love Peking Duck, then I hope it is the best day ever for you. But as for me...

... I will be enjoying this rich chocolate olive oil cake with a fat wedge of mousse sandwiched between layers and ganache all over the top. Yes, that is how I will be celebrating.

Let's talk for a moment about how great this cake is. I'll highlight 5 of its most delectable attributes:

1. Chocolate olive oil cake is unlike anything you've ever tasted.

I don't know how to describe what happens to a classic chocolate cake when you make it with olive oil instead of butter. It is light and springy, yet rich in flavor. It is complex. It's nutty and interesting and if you don't know what the "secret" ingredient is, it piques your interest. It's good stuff.


Chocolate cake = good. Splitting it in the middle and stuffing it with a thick layer of chocolate mousse? Seriously. 

3. Chocolate ganache topping.

What isn't improved with the addition of chocolate ganache? Well, maybe cheeseburgers or pizza, but I have never tried it, so never say never.

4. It's easier to make than you'd think.

It may seem like a complex recipe, but it's really not. It's more like three mini recipes: a single layer cake (which you cut in half to stack), a simple mousse, and easy ganache. Then combine. 


Just a reminder: this cake looks as great as it tastes. 

Enjoy National Peking Duck Day--I know I will be, with this cake. 

Recipe for chocolate mousse cake here.