January 21: National Granola Day, and a Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

Well, today is both National Granola Day and National New England Clam Chowder Day. I care maybe a little bit about the former, not too much at all about the latter. Sorry to devotees of both of those foods. I wish you a wonderful day.


But as for me, I think I will stick with a big bundt. Big bundt cake, that is. 

Because I like big bundts and I cannot lie! 

And as bundt cakes go, this one is extra-special. It looks like a regular (awesome) chocolate bundt cake, and then you cut into it and see that it has a full inch or more of chocolate buttercream hidden under the frosting. Sort of hi-hat style. OMG.

I'm super proud of this chocolate cake, which has a fascinating flavor owing to the use of extra virgin olive oil in both the ganache and the cake part. It gives it a nutty, unique, and totally addictive flavor. The inch-plus of chocolate buttercream certainly hurts nothing. 

I enjoyed a slice of this cake with a big slice of milk the other day while watching Sleepless in Seattle, and I need to tell you that it was the most pleasurable moment of my week. 

Make this cake! Here's the recipe.