National Pie Day. How Many Pies Have You Tried?

To celebrate National Pie Day (as observed by the National Pie Council), I've come up with a list of 100 pies to try before you die. Some of them are familiar favorites; others may be unknown or might seem downright odd. How many pie crust notches are on your belt?

If you feel like it, we can play a game: you can copy this list, and put an asterisk next to the ones you have tried. Then go ahead and post it as a comment on this post, or  on Facebook or on your blog or wherever!

I've left mine unmarked so that you can copy it, but my tally is a mere 39! Did you fare any better? 

  1. Ambrosia Pie
  2. Apricot Pie
  3. Apple pie
  4. Avocado Pie
  5. Bakewell Pie (traditionally Bakewell Tart)
  6. Banana Cream Pie
  7. Banoffee Pie
  8. Bean Pie
  9. Blackberry Pie
  10. Blueberry Pie 
  11. Bob Andy Pie
  12. Black bottom pie
  13. Buko Pie
  14. Butter Tart Pie
  15. Buttermilk Pie
  16. Butternut Squash Pie
  17. Butterscotch Pie
  18. Cactus Pie
  19. Candy Bar Pie
  20. Cantaloupe Pie
  21. Caramel Pie
  22. Cherry Pie
  23. Chess Pie
  24. Chiffon pie (could be any number of flavors)
  25. Chocolate cream pie
  26. Coconut Cream Pie
  27. Coffee-Toffee Pie
  28. Concord Grape Pie
  29. Cookie Cake Pie
  30. Crack Pie
  31. Cranberry Pie
  32. Cushaw Pie
  33. Date Pie
  34. Derby Pie
  35. Dutch Apple Pie
  36. Finger Pie
  37. Flapper Pie
  38. French silk pie
  39. Fried Pie (could be any number of flavors)
  40. Funeral pie (also known as Raisin or Rosina Pie)
  41. Funny Cake Pie
  42. Grape Nuts Pie
  43. Grapefruit Pie
  44. Grasshopper Pie
  45. Green Tomato Pie (Sweet)
  46. Grits Pie
  47. Gooseberry Pie
  48. Honey Pie
  49. Hoosier Pie (AKA Sugar Cream Pie)
  50. Huckleberry Pie
  51. Ice Cream Pie (could be any number of flavors)
  52. Impossible Pie 
  53. Italian Wheat Pie
  54. Key Lime Pie
  55. Lemon Meringue Pie
  56. Lemonade Pie
  57. Maple Cream Pie 
  58. Margarita Pie
  59. Marionberry Pie
  60. Marlborough Apple Pie
  61. Millionaire Pie
  62. Mincemeat Pie
  63. Mississippi Mud Pie
  64. Mock Apple Pie
  65. Nesselrode Pie
  66. Oatmeal Pie
  67. Orange Pie 
  68. Osgood Pie
  69. Ozark Pie
  70. Peach pie
  71. Peanut butter Pie 
  72. Pear Pie 
  73. Pecan Pie
  74. Pineapple Angel Pie 
  75. Poppyseed Pie
  76. Prune Pie
  77. Pumpkin Pie
  78. Ricotta Pie
  79. Sack Pie
  80. Saskatoon Berry Pie (I'll say go ahead and substitute any regional berry pie here)
  81. Sawdust Pie
  82. Shaker Lemon Pie
  83. Shoofly Pie (also simply Molasses Pie)
  84. S'mores Pie 
  85. Strawberry Pie
  86. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie 
  87. Sweet Pickle Pie
  88. Sweet Potato Pie 
  89. Tang Pie 
  90. Tar Heel Pie 
  91. Tennessee Toffee Pie
  92. Transparent Pie
  93. Treacle Pie (if you've had Treacle Tart I say it counts)
  94. Union Pie
  95. Vanilla Cream Pie
  96. Vinegar Pie
  97. Walnut Pie
  98. Watergate Pie
  99. Watermelon Pie
  100. Zwieback Pie