Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links for National English Toffee Day

Happy National English Toffee Day! (January 8). Let's celebrate with a batch of Friday links devoted to the stuff. And (totally unrelated to English toffee) just while I have it on my mind, be sure to listen to this awesome food podcast featuring ME.

Uncertain of what English toffee is? Let's briefly discuss.

Toffee is a type of candy. Food writer Harold McGee claims it to be "from the Creole for a mixture of sugar and molasses". It can be a hard or soft candy, and personally, I think of it as a buttery brown sugary mixture which is firm or even hard, but softens quickly in the mouth. 

English toffee is the tricked-out version of regular toffee, featuring nuts (often almonds) and a chocolate topping. 

Glazed English Toffee Cake. (Hershey's)

English toffee cookie bars. (Hershey's Canada)

Homemade English toffee. (Taste of Home)

English toffee bites. Cute! (Shugary Sweets)

What's the difference between English toffee and American toffee? (

Chocolate covered English toffee bars. Yum. (Taste of Home)

I can't wait to order English toffee ice cream the next time I stop by Oklahoma-based Braum's. (Braum's)

Make your own English toffee cappuccino mix! (

English toffee scones! (Mad in Craft)

English toffee cheesecake! (Smuckers)

Giant chocolate toffee cookies. (Epicurious)

Irish toffee shortbread bars. OMG. (The Kitchn)

What to drink alongside English toffee? An English toffee martini, of course! (Daydreamer Desserts)

Make everything you make taste like English toffee with English toffee flavoring oil. (via Amazon)

Book of the week: English Toffee Cookbook. Only available as a kindle/online read, this recipe booklet isn't JUST for English toffee, but does include a nice collection of cheeky British recipes. I found it charming and worth checking out.