Make Dish Washing Easier By Making Chocolate Milk

This is a public service announcement designed to save you time and gain you snacks.

In general I don't mind washing dishes. But I do mind washing a pan or the top of a double boiler after I've melted chocolate inside. It's messy, it takes forever to clean, and I lament the loss of that chocolate. 

But never again will I lament. Nor should you. Because this is an amazing solution that saves you much of the cleaning hassle, and gives you a tasty snack. 

Make chocolate milk. 

You heard me. Next time you have chocolate scum all over the bottom and sides of a pan or double boiler, simply do this:

1: Pour some milk (non dairy alternatives are fine) in the pan.

2: Heat it on low until the chocolate melts into the milk. Stir every now and again to keep it from sticking or scorching. Scrape the sides of the pan to get all that chocolate goodness melted into the milk.


3: Enjoy as hot chocolate, or put it in a jar and save it in the fridge for later as a rich, thick chocolate milk. 

Note: Do not share with your pug, even though he tells you he is STARVING. 

Enjoy the fact that your pan is now much cleaner, and much easier to clean. And enjoy your snack, too.

Cue the "the more you know" music!

Love, CakeSpy