Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links for National Plum Pudding Day

Happy National Plum Pudding Day! No, this isn't plum pudding, but isn't it pretty? You can find the recipe for that baby right here.

Anyhow, in spite of that brief digression, I do want to discuss plum pudding. While I have no idea why plum pudding is in the middle of February, I do think it's worth giving a try, so I have assembled a sweet batch of plum pudding-themed links for you!

Learn a bit more about the history of plum pudding. (What's Cooking America)

More interesting plum pudding history. (History Today)

Self-saucing chocolate plum pudding. WHAT. (

Plum pudding cupcakes. Cute! (Adeline & Lumiere)

Plum pudding parfaits. (Betty Crocker)

White chocolate and cranberry plum pudding. (Chocablog)

A different type of plum pudding: brandied plum-vanilla bread pudding. (My Recipes)

Another different type of plum pudding: banana-plum crumble pudding. Looks yum. (Pudding Heaven)

Yet another different type of pudding: summer berry and plum pudding. Looks healthy, but awfully tasty. (Real Simple)

How to make the best plum pudding, with lots of interesting lore. (

Plum sticky toffee pudding. INTO IT. (The Prepared Pantry)

Tiny Tim's plum pudding. (Taste of Home)

California Walnut plum pudding. This looks good. (California Walnuts)

Book of the week: Confident Cooking: Sticky and Steamed Puddings. This little recipe pamphlet is so retro cute. I just bought it--maybe you should, too, purely because it exists. I can't get enough of these little publications on such specific subjects!