February 14: Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day--regardless of what you think of the holiday I hope it's a very good day, and that it includes something delicious.

Obvi, the famous treat on V-Day is chocolates, and today's national food holiday is in keeping: today is National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day. 

Honestly, I like a few of the chocolates in the box, but once the buttercream and caramel ones are gone, they aren't a high priority dessert to me. So I'd rather make soufflé today...what do you say?

This soufflé is perfectly sized for two (or one, if you feel like anger-eating and watching Lifetime movies, no judgement) and it tastes freaking delicious. It's just about as jammed with chocolate as it can be, and it's light and a little gooey when freshly baked. Yumz.