The Unicorn Coloring Book

Surprise! I've released a new book. A coloring book. A *UNICORN* Coloring Book. Say hello to it: The Unicorn Coloring Book. I'm so proud of it. 

Inspired by the popularity of my coloring book pages, I've created a collection of completely unicorn-themed illustrations for you to color and enjoy. This book has 18+ involved illustrations to color, and is punctuated with inspiring quotes.

While the book was designed for adult coloring addicts, guess what? Kids find it fun, too. As proof, here is my nephew coloring with gusto. He was not paid for his product development services, I promise. 

How about a look at some of the interior pages? Here's one...

and another...

and another. See how funny and cute they are? They're really fun to color, too. 

You can order the book on Etsy; the books will be available to ship early next week. At this particular moment that is the only place to order, but in the coming weeks it will be available on Amazon, too.

Order yours now!