February 6: Five Types of Frozen Yogurt I'd Actually Eat for National Frozen Yogurt Day

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day. If you love frozen yogurt, you have my blessing to go nuts today. But as for me...my relationship with frozen yogurt is...complex. Let's just say that 9.9999999999999 times out of 10, I'd rather have ice cream.

But it being National Frozen Yogurt Day, I guess I'll focus on the positive. These are five types of frozen yogurt I'd actually eat!

1. Nanaimo Bar frozen yogurt

I don't know if this is still produced, but a couple of years ago a reader sent me this photo. I love Nanaimo bars. I would eat this frozen yogurt.

2. Homemade honey lavender frozen yogurt.

I made this frozen yogurt, and it was freaking delicious. I would eat it again. And again. Unless someone offered me honey lavender ice cream, in which case I would throw the yogurt across the room to show how much more I love ice cream. Recipe here.

3. Pop-Tart Froyo

The headnote for this recipe reads "I was originally going to make a Pop-Tart ice cream, and at some point I might, but I decided that froyo would be the better choice because then I could eat it for breakfast." Well, I can understand that reasoning. Recipe here

4. Frozen yogurt cupcakes and desserts.

I found this image online as part of a press release about greek frozen yogurt cakes and cupcakes released by Rich's corporation. I would eat all of these things. Read more here.

5. Chocolate dipped strawberry frozen yogurt sandwiches.

Yes, it's frozen yogurt, but it's sandwiched with graham crackers and covered all over with chocolate. I think I could deal. Recipe here.

Do you like frozen yogurt?