Flourless Chocolate Cake with Beer

You've seen flourless chocolate cakes. You've seen cakes made with beer. But have you ever seen a flourless chocolate cake made with beer? 

This cake is a work of culinary art. Before making the cake, stout beer is slowly simmered with sugar until it reduces into a thickened, slightly caramelized liquid, which imparts a caramelly, malty, rich flavor to the cake without being too boozy.

But wait: beer isn't the only secret ingredient. The second is extra virgin olive oil, which adds a wonderful sweet and nutty flavor to the cake, complementing the unique flavor of the beer reduction. Both of the secret ingredients act in tandem to bring out the flavor of the cake’s not-so-secret ingredient: a big ol' bunch of bittersweet chocolate.

This cake is perfect for St. Patrick's day, and, well, any day.

Recipe here!