DIY Cadbury Creme Style Eggs with No Corn Syrup

I've done it now, you guys. DIY Cadbury creme style eggs. No corn syrup. Maximum deliciousness. 

You've probably already gathered (correctly) that there is a lot of patting myself on the back going on up in here, but let's take just a few more moments to talk about my great accomplishment. 

I love Cadbury Creme Eggs. There was a time, in my childhood, when I loved the mini eggs (which are totally different, more like M+Ms, but not like M+Ms, if you know what I mean) more than creme eggs. I could totally ignore the creme egg in my Easter basket in favor of other candies. 

I know exactly why I didn't care for them. It was the yolk. The candy yolk in the creme eggs grossed me out. 

But as I became older and more worldly, I was able to overcome my dislike of the faux yolk, and actually became a deep appreciator and lover of the Cadbury Creme Egg. As CakeSpy, I have explored the eggs in many a way, from Creme Egg as tragic hero...

to the subject of recipes such as Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs...


and Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict. And more, of course. 

But this year, I've made homemade Cadbury Creme eggs themselves. And I learned that they're really quite easy to put together!

After looking at some of the DIY hacks online, I decided that I didn't really feel like following them, mainly because I didn't have corn syrup in the house and didn't feel like going out to buy it. I don't really like corn syrup, though I will use it when it is really warranted. I just knew that I could work without it here, though. 

I decided to make a mixture using sweetened condensed milk for the filling, and it worked out perfectly the first time! 

By mixing sweetened condensed milk with sugar and flavorings, I was easily able to create a texture that if slightly firmer than the actual eggs, is a pretty good approximation of the texture of the cadbury creme eggs when chilled. By rolling bits of yellow dough within the white, it's easy to attain a yolk, too! The ease with which they come together, in my opinion, overrules the technical differences between my version and the originals. 

Go ahead, give these babies a try! I think you'll like them.

Recipe here.