Easy Waffle Layer Cake

Happy 8/8! That seems like a magical and auspicious date, so I feel like sharing something special. 

How about a recipe that is easy to make, highly delicious, and might inspire people to label you a genius? I have such a recipe right here: WAFFLE LAYER CAKE.

Simply put, this is a layer cake made with WAFFLES, people. If you need me to expand on how brilliant it is, I'm happy to:


1. It's all about the frosting. 

You might be tempted to think that the little valleys in waffles make it an ineffective layering tool for frosting. You are wrong. What happens is that the frosting gets sucked into those little peaks and valleys, making for far more frosting between cake layers. It might not look as cleanly layered, but one bite in and you'll see what I mean about this being great. And if you're one of those people who says "I don't like too much frosting", you probably shouldn't be on this website, anyway. 

2. It is easy to make.

Instead of taking all that time to bake a cake, like a jerk, you can just use a package of waffles to make this cake! Simply toast your waffles while you're whipping up a batch of buttercream, then assemble and frost. 

Listen, sometimes, you feel like making a cake. Other times, you want dessert RIGHT NOW. This waffle cake provides a tasty solution for the latter situation. 

3. It is breakfast appropriate.

Made with waffles = fine for breakfast. SCIENCE. 


Waffles are just lightly sweet, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to an aggressively sweet buttercream. They keep it from getting too sweet, and they add a fascinating, lightly crispy texture that is different from a typical soft layer cake. 

Have I sold you yet? Probably, so why don't I go ahead and tell you how to make this thing?


You need:

  • As many waffles as you feel like (suggested: 4-6)
  • 1 batch buttercream (I used this one)
  • sprinkles

Toast the waffles. Let them cool while you prepare the buttercream.

Whip up the buttercream. Here it was before all of the chocolate had been added.

Place your first waffle on a work surface, and put a nice dollop of frosting on top. Spread evenly. Put a waffle on top of that, and keep on repeating until your stack of frosted waffles is high enough for your liking.

Frost the top and sides. Garnish with sprinkles.

Put the cake in the fridge for about 10 minutes so the frosting can set (it will make it easier to slice). Slice and serve.

Happy Monday!