Trophy Cupcakes now offering Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you're gluten-free, and you're in Seattle, then it's time to let out a big cheer.

Why? Because Trophy Cupcakes is now offering their splendid Red Velvet cupcake in a gluten-free variety!

As they put it,

"We've got lots of gluten-free friends. So we've been busy developing, testing and tasting recipes for a truly "Trophy worthy" gluten-free cupcake. And we've finally done it! Gluten-free Red Velvet is here.

Traditional Red Velvet has always been our top selling cupcake, so we wanted it to be our first gluten-free flavor. Available throughout January, these g-free masterpieces feature moist gluten-free Red Velvet cake, topped with our super yummy cream cheese frosting. They're gluten-free and fabulous!"

Available at all Trophy Cupcakes locations; visit their website for more information.

March into Yum: Bacon Whiskey Maple Cupcakes at Cupcake Royale

March is in like a Lion at Cupcake Royale, where their flavor of the month is bound to make the masses roar with good cheer: Bacon Whiskey Maple Cupcakes!

Here's the 411, direct from Cupcake Royale: 

For one month only, get moist vanilla butter cake, made from local ingredients like milk, eggs, and butter from Medowsweet Dairy and specially milled Shepherd's Grain cake flour from Eastern Washington, hand-frosted with Irish Whiskey Maple Buttercream. Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey and real maple syrup, this malted maple swirl truly takes the edge off...a sweet tooth, that is. Dusted with either bacon crumbles from Zoe's meats or organic maple sugar and shamrocks, it's delicious to the tiniest detail.

But don't hesitate--in this spy's experience, the flavor of the month is usually first to disappear from the bakery case on most days! To ensure availability, call ahead.

Available all March long at all Cupcake Royale locations; for directions and contact info, visit Of course, you can keep up to date with their goings-on at and via Twitter.

Cake Byte: Bella Bella Cupcakes Opens a Retail Location in Silverdale, WA

Here's something sweet to celebrate this weekend: the opening of a new retail bakery! 

Bella Bella Cupcakes has been operating as a special-order operation for a while now, but is officially upgrading to brick-and-mortar as of January 15. Per an email from the owners,

Bella Bella Cupcakes is very excited to announce the opening of our new retail location on Saturday, January 15th at 10AM! The location address is 10726 Silverdale Way, Suite 107, Silverdale, WA. We will be open Tues-Sat from 10-7 and we will be serving Cupcakes, Blue Bird Coffee and Espresso, Viking Feast Ice Cream, Kolaches and specialty teas and sodas. Come in and relax a bit , we can't wait to see you! 

So what are you waiting for? Go check 'em out! 

Find Bella Bella Cupcakes at 10726 Silverdale Way, Suite 107, Silverdale, WA; online at, and you can also find them on Facebook.

Cake Byte: Mini Bacon Maple Cupcakes by Mini Empire Bakery Now Available!

This revolution may be mini, but when it comes to flavor, these cupcakes are maxed out (now, just to clarify, when I wrote that I really intended for it to be said in a booming, "Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!" sort of voice).

That's right: Mini Bacon Maple Cupcakes by Mini Empire Bakery. Starting with a biscuity-cake base, these are topped with a rich daub of maple buttercream and topped off with bacon for a perfect sweet and salty union that tastes like a sort of breakfast-meets-dessert party in your mouth.

And they're available for purchase at Seattle Coffee Works downtown, and at Mioposto in Mount Baker! Or I'll bet if you asked really nice, they'd do a custom order for you too.

Find out more about Mini Empire Bakery on their website.

Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Reasons Why You Should Visit Cupcake Royale in Bellevue

Being firmly planted in the camp of "Bad Things Happen When You Leave The City", I never thought I'd find myself saying this, but...'ve got to get your sweet self over to Bellevue to check out the new Cupcake Royale.

Don't just pack up based on my simple statement, though, because I've got a baker's dozen of reasons to back up this suggestion of an epic crossing-the-water journey. Here goes:

  1. First off, let's just say it: Cupcake Royale rules. They are cool, they have good cupcakes, and now they're in Bellevue. You owe them a visit.
  2. OK, and on to the specifics. Ye Olde Exterior. I've got to say that (no offense) when I think "Bellevue", I think of malls, chain stores, and confusing underground parking. But somehow Cupcake Royale has managed to find its own unique niche--a place as unique and special as their cupcakes.
  3. Ye Olde Interior. Formerly the home of an IHOP, I suspect that their may be elves lurking in the kitchen (actually, I can confirm that there are. I met one, and her name is Rachel.)
  4. Ye Olde Interior, continued: it has a storybook-worthy back room. I want grandma to read me stories back here, while I stuff myself silly on cupcakes and Stumptown Coffee.
  5. Speaking of Stumptown, this is the first joint on the Eastside to be serving it, I believe. Woot!
  6. They have an expanded variety of morning sweets and cookies, from Macrina and also from another local Bellevue bakery. Yes!
  7. They have the most adorable little dumbwaiter-esque system by which they slide cupcakes through the wall from the kitchen to the retail area. OMG!
  8. New Fall Flavors: OK, so you could get it at the other locations too, but wouldn't a pumpkin cupcake with maple frosting taste just a little more magical in a place where you might see an elf?
  9. They have this super sweet campaign: "Practice Random Acts of Cupcakes". Is this not the most delightful thing you've ever heard?
  10. I swear, owner Jody Hall gets cuter with every new location she opens.
  11. They have an expanded retail space at this store, which means that you can get even more of their totally sweet tongue in cheek tees ("Rock Out With Your Cupcake Out", "Legalize Frostitution"--you know, cute).
  12. The cupcakes are baked on-site, and are already making Bellevue sweeter, based on the crowds!
  13. Hint, hint: You may be seeing some CakeSpy stuff there in the future! 

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Find directions and details at

Cake Byte: Essential Baking Opens a New Georgetown Cafe, with Freebies!


Photo c/o K. Morales for CakeSpy's Carrot Cake Roundup in SeattleA new bakery is always something to celebrate--but even more so when it's right here in Seattle and I can go visit right away!

So I was super excited to receive a note that the The Essential Baking Company (where I got the recipe for this cake!) has opened a new location in Georgetown (home to Calamity Jane's, one of my favorite breakfast places, btw). Here are the details:

The Georgetown Café is located at 5601 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108. To celebrate the opening, EBC will have two special offerings for customers:

Friday, April 9: Indulge in a free taste of EBC’s signature fudge brownie – a cult favorite that is rich, chewy, and brimming with chocolate.

Friday, April 16: Wake up with a complimentary cup of EBC’s own freshly roasted Baker’s Blend drip coffee.

Both offers are one per customer, while supplies last.

What are you waiting for? Get over to Essential's Georgetown location at 5601 1st Ave. South, Seattle WA 98108!