Sweet Art: CakeSpy's Mural at High 5 Pie


Oh, hi guys. You know how I love to (totally normal) do murals in bakery and sweet-shop bathrooms? I did a mural in the bakery bathroom at Cake Eater bakery in Minneapolis (now a doughnut shop) and another at Bluebird Ice Cream in Seattle.

Well, I just realized that I never told you that I did a third one, at High 5 Pie in Seattle.

If you've been to High 5 Pie recently and used the restroom, this is probably not news to you.

But if you haven't been, or if you happened to use the "not as awesome" bathroom (they have two), you might not have seen my mural. So I'm going to tell you a bit about it. Before I started, the bathroom looked like this:


But then I took out my pencil and started making marks on the wall. I made sure to make a sign so that I wouldn't be...ummm...interrupted.


And I broke out my paint and got to work.

The owner, Dani, had been concerned about my precious mural being graffitied--I didn't mind if it was, but it gave me an idea: what if I made it graffiti-themed? Sweet little pie taggers!

Here are some shots of the finished work. My apologies as bathrooms never have amazing light for photographs!

Of course, I fit in some little references to artists I love, like Keith Haring...

Keith haring pie

...and Banksy...


...and of course a taco in love with a hand pie, a love story that is not gonna work out, I don't think.


You can see me taking a picture in the mirror here. I painted all that!DSC04984

So, if you find yourself in Seattle, go to High 5 Pie. Eat something delicious. And use the bathroom! But don't forget...


Thanks to High 5 Pie for letting me hang out in their bathroom for a long time!

Cake Byte: CakeSpy Does Another Bathroom Mural Featuring Anthropomorphic Pastries

Guess what, sweet friends? I've done another mural. And once again, it depicts anthropomorphic sweets. And once again, it's in a bathroom. This time, it's not in Minneapolis, though: it's in Seattle, at the extremely delectable Bluebird Ice Cream.

That's right: CakeSpy, bathroom muralist extraordinaire, has done it again. This time, it's a scene of sweet treats in Capitol Hill, Seattle, which I am calling "Pike Street is Totally Sweet". Want to see some pictures? OK. My apologies as I have been working early mornings when the light isn't so great.

as you walk into the bathroom, this is what you'll see:

That's right...a scene of the entire block that Bluebird is on, between 12th and 13th Avenues on Pike Street...only in my world, it is populated by Capitol Hill Hipster Sweets!

Here are some detail shots:

...and, of course, a sweet star in the stall itself to remind you of something important while you...ah, do your business:

...yes, I know. It pretty much rules.

You can check out the mural for yourself; it's in the bathroom at Bluebird Ice Cream, 1205 E. Pike Street, Seattle; online here.  They will having an official unveiling of the mural at their 2nd birthday party!

Note to other bakeries: interested in your own (bathroom or other room) mural by CakeSpy? I will do it for you. What do I ask in return? You cover my travel, lodging, supplies, and pay me $100 a day (can give estimates on how many days it would take based on the space; the mural featured in this post, if worked on consecutively, would be about a 3-4 day job).