Cake Byte: Fun With Fondant DVD

So, recently I was sent a review copy of a DVD entitled "Fun With Fondant". And after watching it, I have come t the conclusion that this DVD is worth investing in if:

A. You want to learn how to have fun with fondant.

B. You want the feather-in-your-cap ability to say "I was watching Fun With Fondant the other day..."

C. All of the above.

Joking aside--the DVD, made by Cooking Up A Story, is worth a look. It's not a higly produced, glossy affair, but you will learn quite a bit about working with fondant. Host Robin Hassett obviously knows what she's doing, and conveys her fondant knowledge in an easy-to-follow, engaging way.

Final thoughts? Worth it if you or your friends want to get friendly with fondant. Buy it here.