Cake Byte: Australian Cake Baking Competition in Seattle

Delicious Lamingtons and more!If you're an Aussiephile (what do they call people who are really into Australia?) and live in Seattle, this one is for you.

Australia Day is coming up, and there will be a big celebration at Seattle Center. But the best part? There will be an Australian Cake Baking Competition. Yes, you heard me correctly. Here are the deets:

Australian Cake-Making Competition

The cake can be made at home and brought in on the day of Seattle's Australia Day Celebration – any time before 2pm on January 22, 2011.

Each cake goes to a table of 6 judges where it is evaluated on presentation (25%) texture (25%) and taste (50%)

The application form is attached. As it is tied into the BBQ competition ignore all that aspect and just tick the cake box and send to the PNWBA or you can pay on-line at

You do not need to enter the meats or be a member of the PNWBA.

Australian Cake

What is an Australian Cake? It can be something typically associated with Australia such as a pavlova or lamington. Or a cake associated to an Australian ingredient such as Queensland pineapple or Darwin mangos. Or an international cake of any type such as chocolate cake or cheese cake that is decorated in an Australian fashion with things such as the Australian flag, kangaroos or Koalas.

Entry fee of $10 – Anyone can enter

First Prize $100!

Make at home and bring in on the day.

Still need some ideas?

 Find out more about the Australia Day Festival in Seattle on the official website.