Sweet Fusion: Cookie Bread from Fuji Bakery, Seattle

I'd like to talk about a beautiful bit of fusion that is going on at a Seattle-area bakery called Fuji Bakery.

Now, if you've ever visited this bakery, you probably think I'm going to talk about how their offerings are a mix of Japanese-meets-French baked goods. And that would be a very natural thing to assume.

But you're wrong. I'm going to talk about how they've combined bread and cake into a form that they call "Cookie Bread".

That's right. Cookie Bread. Please, can we make this an official baked good category? It sounds so much better than "scone" or "quick bread" or "sweet roll".

It looks like a scone, but in fact, it's very light--almost like the texture of Challah bread. The raspberry white chocolate variety (the "Frambo") was lightly tart but totally sweet, what with its swirled  little bits of white chocolate and lightly crunchy sugar topping.

Of course, as previously mentioned, it was rather light in texture, so I found that adding a thick slather of butter kept it from floating away. And, of course, made it even more delicious.

Seek out some sweet Cookie Bread of your own--Fuji Bakery has two locations, in Seattle and Bellevue. Find them online at fujibakeryinc.com.

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