77 Reasons to Buy My Book

I know, I know. Not that you needed a reason to buy my book, but I'll give you one. No, I'll give you 77, one a day, because that's how many shopping days you have til Christmas Eve. Instead of obnoxiously doing a new post every day (though I had considered it), I will update this post each day with a different reason, so that by Christmas Eve, this will be a monster-post!

Reason 1: It has a Unicorn on the cover! That unicorn is saying "OMG! This book has everything!". Now that's cute. 

And, as a bonus, if you look at the back cover...there's another unicorn! So actually, there are two unicorns on the cover. Forget double rainbows, that's what double happiness truly is, friends.

Reason 2: It is Bakerella-blurbed! That's right. You know how big famous books have a quote on the back from someone else big and famous? Well, the quote on the back of my book is from none other than Bakerella! She says "Jessie's recipes inspire sugary-coated adventures in the kitchen. CakeSpy is a treat for the curious and kid at heart."

Reason 3: It Has Very Witty Cartoons. See cover for evidence, buy the book for more.

Sweet! And while you're at it, check out her new notecards and cake pop kits for Chronicle Books. Awesome!

Reason 4: I am going on a bakery book tour, entitled Tour De Sweet. And one of my first stops (on October 20) is Saint Cupcake in Portland, where they have--get this--a bike rack shaped like a whisk. Best book tour ever!

Reason 5: Awesome people buy my book. Most recently, I sold a signed copy to Jenn of JustJenn Designs, who happened to be in Seattle for Geekgirlcon!

Reason 6: The book contains a revamped and better than ever version of my all-time most popular recipe: Cookie Cake Pie!

Reason 7: Serious Eats Loves it.

Reason 8: I look adorable while signing my book.

Reason 9: It has a recipe for marshmallow dreidels.

Reason 10: There are illustrations of, and recipes including, BACON.

Reason 11: It has a recipe for blondie-topped brownies.

Reason 12: Homemade candy corn!!!

Reason 13: Ice cream lovers love it.

Reason 14: It has a recipe for candy salad.

Reason 15: You can buy it at Urban Outfitters!

Reason 16: Saint Cupcake in Portland loves my book.

Reason 17: My mom says it's a good idea.

Buy the book hereOr enter to win a copy here! Or come see me on book tour at one of these places!