Just Say No: Sriracha Brownies are Not Delicious

I'd like to present two separate facts:

  1. Brownies can be delicious with chili powder.
  2. Sriracha makes just about everything better.

Unfortunately, I'm sad to say that these two separate facts do not add up to awesome when combined.

That's right. I went there. And I'm not sad that I did, but as a public service, I'd like to announce that I don't recommend you do it.

Don't worry too much: I didn't ruin an entire batch. I just happened to have some extra batter after filling my pie shell for the Brownie S'more Pie I made a few days ago, so I filled a couple of cupcake liners with it, and on a whim, added a healthy dose of sriracha on top of each.

The taste, while not completely offensive, was off mark--the spiciness of the sriracha didn't contrast the dark, rich brownie, but rather conflicted with the flavor. They were simply not harmonious.

The brownie pie, however, was extremely delicious. Here's a link to that baby.

Of course, if you're intrigued by Sriracha cookery, you might want to check out The Sriracha Cookbook (though I haven't tried any of the recipes, there IS a dessert chapter!).