Cake Byte: The Bake It In A Cake Bakesale Was Awesome

Yarrr! There's a tiny cherry pie hidden in that there cake.If you came to the Bake it in a Cake bakesale at CakeSpy Shop today, awesome.

If not, I want to let you know how much awesome you missed (sorry). It was so rad that we sold out by about 3pm. That's right.

There were brownie cupcakes filled with snickers bars, with salted buttercream:

and brownie cupcakes filled with pretzels, M+Ms and salted caramel buttercream:

and cupcakes filled with lemon bars, with raspberry frosting:

and cupcakes filled with banana pies and topped with butterscotch buttercream and Nilla wafers:

...let's see the innards of that one:

and cupcakes filled with Easter candy (as enjoyed by superhottie Morgan of Mini Empire)

and cupcakes filled with Thin Mints:...I shouldn't have to tell you how much fun everyone had, but I will show you some pictures:

 I know, you wish you were there, right? Well, don't despair. Next week there will be another Bake Sale, this time to benefit Japan; there is also a bake sale coming up in April with Max of The Piecycle!

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