Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links

New in shop: Cupcake Villain and Hero pins!Say hello to Book Larder, a food-book-space in Seattle, opening soon! I will have an event there in October. Sweet!

Speaking of sweet spots in Seattle, check out the newest place for cake: Cake Envy!

Sweet on: 15 favorite fall cookies via The Kitchn.

Sweet discovery: Le 17 Patisserie, San Francisco.

Smith Island Cake, delivered to your door!

Pie Time: CakeSpy hero Dani Cone has a new book out, and here's a preview recipe for Pie Pops!

Tart and sweet: Apple cranberry torte recipe!

Sweet dreams: someone please buy this cupcake pillow, ok?

Boozy. Pumpkin. Pie. Milkshakes.

Ice Cream: A world view. Le nom.

Suck it! A new sweets and treats shop in Los Angeles. 

Sugar cookie-stuffed cupcakes? Um, yes please.

In case you missed it: Sprinkle Cakewiches. Sweet sandwiches!

Hop to it: check out Bunny's Baked Goods!

My friend Leah is opening a store in Milwaukee! She sells adorable aprons. If you live there, go to the opening party this weekend!

Endless summer? I wish, with this frozen treat!

Sweet memories: remember when my buddy Laurel went to Denver and ate all those cupcakes?