Sweet Treats from Secret Marmalade

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt brownies

Their name is Secret Marmalade, but I want to go public with my love.

Let me tell you how it all happened. It all began over Twitter, where Secret Marmalade, a mail-order and special-order baking company based in California, asked how they might send samples to CakeSpy.

Well, let me tell you my little fingers couldn't type my address fast enough once I contacted them through their website. And a mere week or so later, along came a parcel of the most wonderful sort: one filled with candy and brownies.

Now, technically, although we're Twitter friends, we've never actually met in real life. Does this mean we're strangers? And in that case, was I accepting candy from a stranger?

Well, if that *is* the case, then my response is this: Avec plaisir. 

Candy was first up: Gingerbread Caramels. Believe it or not, I've never seen anyone do this (have you?) but I am so delighted that they did, because this is a killer flavor combo. Delightfully creamy-sticky caramel with a spicy kick? I love this stuff. Ideal gifting territory. And (cute) look at the ingredients!! They all had something like this--the last ingredient was "whimsy" or "joy" or something similarly cute.

Secret Marmalade

Next up: the brownies. I was alerted that I should "taste gently" as the brownies had arrived on Friday as opposed to the anticipated Wednesday. I can taste gently.

So, ok, they had a slight crisp around the edges, but they were not over the hill. The first one I tried, the dark chocolate sea salt (pictured top and below), which, by the way, did not have eyes at the time I tasted it, was pretty amazing. It tasted strangely familiar, though, and that's when I realized: this was the gourmet, grown up version of the Little Debbie Fudge Brownies I so adored growing up (and, you know, now). I say that as a very high compliment. 

Next up: the Dark Chocolate Spicy Bourbon. How could you not love a brownie that looks like this?Dark Chocolate Spicy Bourbon Brownies

Spicy with an almost caramelly tone, this was a very nice brownie. Good for adventurous sorts. 

Finally, Peanut Butter Brownies.

With a good brownie base, how could this chocolate nirvana not be improved with peanut butter? A fine version of a classic combination.

Well, Secret Marmalade has all these things and more--hit them up at secretmarmalade.com!