Magical Unicorn Cupcake Tutorial

Paul Bradford Magical Unicorn for CakeSpy

Topping the list of life skills you never knew you needed? How to make a magical unicorn to put on top of your cupcake.

But the days of blithely living your life unaware of how to complete this magical task are over, thanks to my friends at the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, who kindly offered up an exclusive tutorial to put on CakeSpy. Not only that, but they were willing do do a tutorial involving a magical unicorn! And don't freak out too much, but in a few days I am going to keep the good times going with a giveaway for some Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School DVDs - so you can get some educaketion at home.

Here, in all its glory, is the video. It's broken up into four parts to keep things manageable for you!


To give you a little bit of a 411 on the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School (don't you want to go there?), here's their mission statement: 

Paul Bradford Magical Unicorn for CakeSpy


Our aim is to provide you with all the information and skills you need to be a successful cake decorator.
We have hundreds of hours of step-by-step video courses on our website, with new cake designs added weekly. The courses will teach you a wide range of cake decorating skills, with basic designs to suit beginners to more challenging designs for the experienced. Whilst the cake designs featured in our courses may inspire you, the skills and confidence you will gain are invaluable, allowing you to create cake designs as wild as your imagination.
With a wealth of experience including making cakes for royalty in the UK and Prince Albert of Monaco, to running one of the UK's  biggest designer cake businesses, Paul Bradford and his team have a lot of expertise which they are happy to share.
For more information, and to join our lively cake decorating community come to:


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Paul Bradford Magical Unicorn for CakeSpy

Also, if after watching the video you decide that you must make this magical unicorn all by yourself, here's a list of the ingredients and tools needed:

Cupcake (muffin size)
Sugarpastes (fondant):
75g Pink
30g Lincoln green
20g Fuschia pink
15g Jade
15g Blue
15g White

White magic sparkle flakes
Pearl white paint
Black paint

Small rolling pin
Smiley tool (PME)
Stitchy tool (PME)
Ball tool (PME)

No1 Paint brush 


...and, fine, one more unicorn picture for the road: Paul Bradford Magical Unicorn for CakeSpy