So not cool.

Hi, sweeties. CakeSpy-Jessie here. And boy, oh, boy, do I have some big changes to tell you about!

Some of them might sound serious but dudes, dudettes, chill out. Everything is gonna be ok. Actually, it already is.

First order of business: my location. I'm in Philadelphia now! After 8 years in Seattle, I had an exciting opportunity to move back to the East Coast (I'm originally from New Jersey, did you know that?). I was doubly excited because it is wonderful to be closer to my family again (they're still in NJ). For the first time in 8 years, I am having a proper summer (like, where I can wear short sleeve shirts). It's pretty cool. Will I stay here? Time will tell, sweet friends. But living right near the Reading Terminal Market, one thing is for sure: I am having a very delicious time in PA.

Custom order - CakeSpy Shop!

Second: the store! You may be asking "um, what about your gallery in Seattle?". Well, in my absence, the store has been wonderfully and ably run by my business partners Natalie and Danny. However, after a few months, the whole process has proven pretty arduous -- and paired with the fact that I am now focusing more on writing cookbooks, it was actually getting pretty confusing. Many people would come to the gallery expecting cakes and a wonderful bakery, and they'd find art. Not that it's ever bad to find art, but gosh, was it confusing! So we've decided to let go of this part of the business. So, that means, if you've been meaning to visit the adorable store, DO IT NOW.  Because it is not going to be there for too much longer. Our ultimate hope is to sell the consignment gallery business -- everything but the name! So if you are in Seattle or even know someone in Seattle who might be interested in getting into the retail business, please, let them know about this opportunity. If we do not find a buyer, we will lease the space out, but we'd so love to see the awesome art tradition carry on in this magical retail space. Please, read about it here, and spread the word!!

Third: a big development for CakeSpy artwork sales. As you may know, I have a big, sparkly heart. I like to help people. And a cause very close to my heart is Eating Disorders. Once again, you must be thinking "Jesus Christ! Is this the same CakeSpy who posted a recipe including 7+ sticks of butter, for behemoth crumb cake?" Well, yes. During my youth and young adulthood, I suffered from an eating disorder. Which one? Part anorexia, part bulimia, part something else, I guess (eating disorders, like snowflakes = all unique?). It still haunts me from time to time, but honestly, CakeSpy has been my lifesaver - my permission to create, love and indulge in sweets of all sorts and sizes. Because one powerful lesson that I have learned is that when you give yourself permission to enjoy whatever food you'd like (and I am talking about sweets in particular here), there might be a fear period, but ultimately, you don't have to under-or-overdo it. And yes, going back to aforementioned 7+ stick of butter Behemoth crumb cake, I ate the whole damn thing. Just not all in one sitting. :-) 

But I digress. What I am trying to say here is that from now on, a percentage of proceeds from ALL CakeSpy online sales will be donated to eating disorder awareness and recovery programs, to NEDA (the National Eating Disorder Awareness Association). I am *so* excited to be contributing to such a wonderful cause. What does this mean for you? Not much, other than that if you buy something from the CakeSpy online shop, part of the sale will be donated to a tremendously wonderful cause.

And that's sweet news you can feel good about, sweetness.