Sweet Art: Popcones

I'm so clever sometimes...

Welcome to my creative process.

Today, while I was spending some time creating clever illustrations, I had an observation. It was this. The way I draw ice cream cones...

Cupcake and Ice Cream Take a walk

and the way I draw popcorn...is pretty similar.

Popcorn and peanuts

See? They're both ok with it. They embrace the fact that while they share similar shapes, they are actually quite different. 

Ice cream and popcorn

But it got me thinking - could I create a real-life popcone?

Highly inspired by this idea and in need of a fun procrastination project, I hit photoshop, and I made this. POPCONE! 


But then I thought it would be more magical and cute to make them tiny. So I asked a friend if she had any popcorn, and asked for two good-looking kernels. She didn't ask why, she just gave them to me.

And I grabbed my art supplies, and made a few lines. And after a few minutes I had these:

I'm so clever sometimes...

OH MY GOD! Ice cream cones for elves!


Popcones! So there is your sweet observation of the day, illustrated sweetly: popcorn and ice cream cones have more in common than you might think.