50 Uses For Oreos You May Not Have Considered

Oreos are not good--they are great. But even while I'm sure you're highly qualified to appreciate their greatness, there may in fact be some uses for these sweetwiches that you've never considered. Ponder these ideas, preferably while savoring an Oreo in whatever way you prefer to eat yours. Marvel at how a treat you know so well now has so many new ways to be loved! Count your blessings that we live in a world where Oreos are plentiful.

Here we go: 50 Uses for Oreos You May Not Have Considered.



  1. Bake them into a cupcake! (picture above, courtesy Bake it in a Cake)
  2. Coat them in chocolate, rather than buying the chocolate covered kind.
  3. Use one as a pendulum. Ponder how delicious the passage of time can be.
  4. If it's a little stale, use it as a hockey puck.
  5. Image: WikihowDIY Quadruple Stuf Oreos! Take the cookie side off of two Double Stuf, and stick them together. YES!
  6. Eat it awesomely: dunk an oreo in milk with a fork! 
  7. Use an Oreo as an artist model and create a portrait. 
  8. If you're able, make this rainbow oreo a reality--because this was only a promo image. Like the writer of this article, I was disappointed that it was not a real thing!
  9. Imagine what the world would look like if Oreo was the moon
  10. Make Oreograms! Send friends notes with oreos included. It's bound to make their day sweet!
  11. Image: InstructablesMake something cute, such as oreo panda cupcakes!
  12. Drop them from a 5-story building and see what's left when they hit the ground.
  13. Oreo Face
  14. Give it a smiley face with writing icing and call it your new friend. Quickly become your new friend's worst nightmare by eating it.
  15. Image: Culinary Concoctions by PeabodyThree words: Oreo. Krispie. Treats.
  16. Put them in your peanut butter sandwich.
  17. Oreo Stuffed cookie
  18. Stuff them in a chocolate chip cookie.
  19. Use them as a cookie crust for a pie!
  20. The ideal counter-weight for holding a balloon, or many!! (liberties taken with a National Geographic photo)
  21. Make Oreo Soup: Put Oreos in a bowl of milk. Let sit for 20 minutes. Eat this fantastic mush with a spoon. Oreo Soup!
  22. Scatter them at a wedding instead of stupid rice.
  23. Oreo Checkers
  24. Use them as game pieces instead of checkers.
  25. Mash them into a milkshake for a fresh and delicious Cookies N Cream Shake.
  26. Hold your own "Down With Hydrox" rally, and serve Oreos as refreshments.
  27. Let them float in a dish of milk for the cutest little castaway float ever. Then make Oreo Soup (see #19).
  28. Make S'moreos.
  29. Make an Oreo Friendship necklace. Seriously!
  30. Oreo and peanut butter pie. YES!
  31. Make Oreo Pops!
  32. Image: Serious EatsUse them to make this cake.
  33. Eschew the Oreo and make a cake that LOOKS like a giant oreo.
  34. Share one with a friend.
  35. Oreo Chair
  36. Make an adorable little chair using an oreo as the seat. 
  37. Shellac them and turn them into jewelry or paperweights.
  39. Make them into a manhole cover for elves!
  40. OreOMG
  41. Use them as an "O" in various witticisms.
  42. See how many you can fit in your mouth at once. Post pictures, please. 
  43. Make an Oreo Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Cute.
  44. Oreo Flower
  45. Make an Oreo flower! Marvel at how impressed your friends are by your "special" art.
  46. Oreo pudding poke cake. YES!
  47. Learn about them: here's a brief history.
  48. Make an Oreo rainbow. 
  49. Deep-fry 'em and pretend you're at the state fair.
  50. Ask one to marry you. Hope it says yes.
  51. No-bake Oreo Pie cups!
  52. Stuff them in donuts (oh wait, Dunkin Donuts already did that!)
  53. Cookies n cream scones, yo!
  54. Image: KraftTry banana pudding that employs oreos instead of nilla wafers. Why not?
  55. Make Oreo Martians! Cute.
  56. Eat 'em. OK, probably you have considered this use...but you know, it can't hurt to reinforce that this is a good idea.

Got a favorite use for Oreos that is not mentioned here? Leave a comment, sweeties!