Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Photo: Vanessa V., on Yelp

In Idaho: at the Rainey Creek Country Store in Swan Valley, reader Erin J. alerted me that they sell SQUARE ICE CREAM. 

This ice cream scooping device was featured a long time ago. But I want one, now. 

OMG: I love these new cake stands by Fishs Eddy.

Ritz crackers, stuffed with something unexpected.

Definitely need an ice cream cake pie.

A video love story dedicated to Sarris Candies (I love this)

I never knew Bill Clinton had a Lemon Chess Pie.

Chocolate and peanut butter crunch cake. YES!

Love this: a company that sells specific cake decorating project kits.

Chocolate Halva Roses sound like a tasty option in NYC.

Hey! The California Olive Ranch featured me on their blog!

That reminds me: KEBABKA!

In case you missed it: 50 uses for Oreos You May Not Have Considered.