Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links!

Ever tried infused vodka? How 'bout Sour Gummi Bear infused vodka?

I have no idea what this says but doesn't it look tasty?

The best kind of party? A baked alaska party.

Whipped cream roulade: heaven.

I believe I need this pistachio shortbread in my life.

Vanilla bean cinnamon roll cake. YES!

Interesting: do you ever prefer frozen baked goods?

This rainbow cake makes me smile. A lot.

Unusual dessert with mustard. Interesting...

What is cream of tartar, anyway?

Discover a new sweet: Kalakand.

I want to visit this bakery...mainly because they tout themselves as "state of the tart".

How to make a dummy wedding cake. Also fun for fooling friends!