CakeSpy for Craftsy: Unusual Cakes Roundup

Photo via Faith Gorsky of An Edible Mosaic

That, my friends, is a parsnip cake. It's true! It is an unexpected, but delicious, addition to a cake--it lends the finished product a lightly spicy and rather intriguing flavor.

It's also part of a roundup I created recently for Craftsy regarding cakes with unexpected and unusual ingredients. Here's a sneak peek:

Salad Dressing cake

What’s the secret ingredient? In the case of these unusual cakes, it’s definitely not what you’d expect! From avocados to beets to parsnips and even tomato soup and sauerkraut, each one has a highly unusual key ingredient. Yes, they might sound strange, but adventurous bakers will find that these quirky recipes yield delicious results! Let the cake adventure begin...

For the full roundup, visit Craftsy! I think you'll enjoy.