Biscuit S'more Shortcakes = S'morescakes?

How on earth. How on earth. How on EARTH have 33 years passed in my life before I did this?

I am talking, of course, about taking your favorite recipe for strawberry shortcake, saying "screw you, health food!" to the strawberries and whipped cream part, and swapping it out for the makings of s'mores. 

Naturally, it will be a biscuit version of a shortcake because "short" means (I am paraphrasing) "buttery" and therefore, angel food cake has no part in an honest shortcake. 

S'mores between biscuits. It's a glorious moment to be alive!

Oh my god. If you haven't tried it, please promise you will do it right now? I'll wait while you assemble your ingredients. 


  • Biscuits
  • Hershey's chocolate (can be plain, or be a rebel like me and use the kind with almonds)
  • Marshmallows

(the quantity of latter two ingredients can be tailored to your taste)


  1. Start by baking up some biscuits. Can I suggest this recipe, which only employs three ingredients? Yes, I thought so. Homemade biscuits
  2. Once the biscuits have cooled so they are warm-hot, rather than hot-hot, remove from the pan. Split the biscuit you want to make a s'more with in half, so that you have top and bottom. Biscuits
  3. Now, break a jumbo marshmallow in half. Place on half on top of the bottom of the biscuit. Place as many squares as you like on the bottom half. Place the remaining marshmallow bit (btw, homemade would be awesome, but store bought will do; this can also be done with minis) on top of that Once melted, this will help everything adhere. Place the top of the biscuit over it.
  4. S'mores biscuits
  5. If the residual heat doesn't do the trick in terms of making things melty, help out matters by placing your sweet stack in the microwave for just a short time, like 10 seconds. The marshmallow might puff and make the top fall to the side; it's ok. I know you can put the top back on once it's out of the microwave.
  6. S'mores biscuits
  7. Enjoy. Marvel at how on earth this has never happened in your life before. 
  8. Repeat as desired. 
  9. S'mores biscuits

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