January 1: Apple Gifting Day

Happy New Year! January 1 is here, and along with it resolutions, a new slate, full potential...and still some cold weather for a while more.

It's additionally National Bloody Mary Day, and oh yeah, also Apple Gifting Day.

Wait, what? 

Bloody Mary Day makes sense, after all, yesterday was champagne-soaked New Year's eve. But Apple Gifting Day? That's kind of unusual.

Weirdly, I wasn't able to find any information on who designated January 1 Apple Gifting Day, nor was I able to dig up why or how it was done. But it is referenced in enough places online and in print that I figured, why not celebrate, too?

While I can't offer too much about the reason behind the holiday, I can say that I love the idea of it. Why not gift someone with an apple today? It doesn't have to be a teacher--actually, since there is probably no school today, that would probably be difficult. Maybe a friend or partner or your mom or dad. 

I can also give you a little bit of apple trivia, for fun and maybe conversation when you present your apple. 

Five bites of apple trivia for Apple Gifting Day

1. There are more than 7,000 varieties of apple; the USA accounts for 2,500 of them. However, only about 100 are commercially grown/sold in the USA. 

2. Apples float in water because about a quarter of their volume is air. 

3. When the pilgrims hit Plymouth rock, they came packing apple seeds. Apples are documented as being planted in the USA as early as 1629.

4. The science of apple growing has a name: pomology. 

5. Apple slices can be used to soften brown sugar


Three apple recipes you may enjoy on this day:

Apple and goat cheese cake

Fried apple pies

Caramel apple pie bars

Who will you gift an apple to today? (or will you be sticking with the Bloody Mary?)