A Guide to Hairstyle Calamities in Yoga

Yoga hair calamity


Listen, I know I mostly talk about sweets here, but I'm willing to take a detour into the land of figuratively sweet every now and again.

And I believe that this is an important subject that calls for some of your time and attention:

A guide to hairstyle calamities in yoga.

If you think yoga is safe, you are wrong. Here is just a sampling of the things that can go terribly wrong with your hair in the average class. 

The ponytail-earring snag.

Yoga hairstyle calamities

Think ponytails are safe? Think again. It's only a matter of time before they snag in your earring or float into your eyes at a pivotal point in a pose.

The bun-head jam

Yoga hairstyle calamities

So why not harness your hair into a bun? Totally great, until you get to poses when you're on your back, and you feel like you have a stale cinnamon roll wedged between your neck and the floor.

The hair-to-finger mangle

Yoga hairstyle calamities

Whether it's flying free or in a long ponytail, chances are high that your hair will get stuck in your hands when you fly up into wheel pose. Ouch!

The "Cousin It"

Yoga hairstyle calamities

Think it's a good idea to wear your hair down? Enjoy the view from your downward facing dog.

The top-knot fish pose buster

Yoga hairstyle calamities

Hey! What about a top-knot? Great idea, until fish pose or headstand comes along. See how either of those works out for you.

The braid slap in the face

Yoga hairstyle calamities

Braids are fraught with calamity. While they give the back of your head a flat profile, if you're in a vigorous class, it's only a matter of time before you slap yourself in the face with that braid, whether it's a single braid or two.

So what hairstyle is right? The world may never know. Perhaps we all need to shave our heads!