How to Use the Last of the Peanut Butter in the Jar

Peanut butter jar solution

This is an empty peanut butter jar. But it isn't a bigtime bummer: it's a delicious opportunity.

No more do you have to lament the loss of the last hard-to-remove bits of peanut butter from the jar. Instead, make it a delicious snack: peanut butter hot chocolate. 

Peanut butter jar solution

All you have to do is this.

Gather up:

  • 1 almost-empty jar of peanut butter 
  • Up to 8 ounces of hot chocolate, not piping hot but definitely warm 

And do this:

  1. Pour the hot chocolate into the jar. Shake vigorously. You'll start to see the chocolate melt and absorb the peanut butter as you shake. Peanut butter jar solutionYou may not get every last shred, but you'll get a good amount mixed in.
  2. Once you're satisfied, stop shaking. You can drink it straight from the jar if you want to look all cool, or transfer it to another cup to enjoy. 
  3. Peanut butter jar solution 
    Enjoy! Peanut butter hot chocolate time!
    Peanut butter jar solution


Don't do this with low fat peanut butter. In fact, don't buy low fat peanut butter, EVER. 

I suggest "up to 8 ounces" as the liquid amount because this leaves you room to shake the liquid.

Don't like chocolate? I don't know what's wrong with you, but I guess we can share space on the same planet. You could also use warm milk or any soy/rice/nut alternative. 

You're welcome.