Baker's Dozen: A Batch of Sweet Links for National Corn Chip Day

Happy National Corn Chip Day! You might think that corn chips have nothing to do with dessert, but you're wrong. 

Photo licensed via Creative Commons by  Flickr member Paul Martin

Photo licensed via Creative Commons by Flickr member Paul Martin

Want proof? I've included desserts featuring corn tortilla chips and Fritos in this roundup. Enjoy.

Peanut butter and corn chip no-bake cookies. (Skip to My Lou)

Fritos chocolate chip cookies. (Dessert for Two)

Sweet corn tortilla chips recipe. Interesting. (Rumbamel's)

Chocolate dipped Fritos. (Blue Bonnet Baker)

White chocolate Fritos popcorn. (The Girl Who Ate Everything)

I'm interested in the concept of a chocolate Fritos pie. (Homesick Texan)

Vanilla caramel corn Fritos pie. Yes, for real. (Frito-Lay)

Fritos bark. Interesting. (Dozen Flours)

Buffalo sauce, corn tortilla chips, doughnut. What do you think? (Grub Street)

Fritos waffles with mascarpone and fruit. (Frito-Lay)

Fine, this one is savory. But it's in pie form, OK? Fritos Pie...PIE! (Oh Bite It)

Fritos bars. Into it. (One Crazy Cookie)

Double chocolate Fritos cookies. (Petite Panini)

Book of the week: Fritos Pie: Stories, Recipes, and More. This book not only delves into the history of the famous corn chips but offers some pretty interesting recipes, from (of course) Frito Pie to Fritos fruitcake. Do you need this book? Well, let me say this. If you want interesting cocktail party banter, you'd be smart to keep this one prominently displayed on your coffee table!